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2 types of body contouring services exist; surgical and non-surgical. 
We are referring to the non-surgical. These utilizes a set of procedures, tools/devices & treatments without surgical incisions, to attain the desired body goals. These procedures are used to target stubborn fats, wrinkles, cellulite, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, scarring, hair growth etc in areas such as the abdomen, the love handles, upper & lower back, underarms, chin, face, thighs, etc. The results can be comparable to surgery. It should be noted that many sessions might be needed to attain these body goals, a lifestyle of exercise and a healthy diet are also required to attain great results. It is not magic but the results can be MAGICAL!  Below are some of the devices and treatments offered at GlamCare Body & Beauty Studio.



An effective procedure that uses ultrasonic sound waves to break fat deposits in the body, which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system which in turn excretes the fats through the kidney & Liver. This leads to effective weight loss in target areas. It is very popular because it is "noninvasive liposuction". That means no surgery, none to very minimal recovery time.  It is less expensive than traditional surgery. The cost will vary dependent on the areas you want to be treated and how many treatments you will need. The biggest appeal however to customers is the minimal recovery downtime(not missing work), no general anesthesia (going under), no infection risk because no incisions are made. It can be a very effective way to lose inches and contour the body to attain your ideal body goals.


This device and service it is  used for causes thermal damage which inadvertently stimulates the production of collagen to effect a youthful-looking skin. In other words, it is not only a fat blaster but it also creates good skin. Can be used on areas where fat pockets need to be melted away e.g face, neck, decolletage, abdomen, thighs, etc. Very good to tighten fat, saggy, wrinkly skin. 



Laser Lipo aka Laser Lipolysis. another service that helps to melt fat. It uses a laser to melt away fat under the skin. Unlike traditional liposuction, there is no incision and very minimal downtime if any at all. 


Wood Therapy is a technique that applies gentle force to break and move fat in the desired area being treated. It can be very effective in not only being a molding and contouring tool but it is effective in treating cellulite



Studies have shown that applying ice therapy to the body helps in inch loss in target areas. The more the body is exposed to cold the harder it works to keep itself warm thereby enabling the body to kick into a "thermogenesis" state. ; a state whereby the body produces heat within to counteract the cold exterior. Benefits are fat loss, skin tightening, detoxification, and cellulite eradication.


The HIFEM (high focus electromagnetic technology) is a popular and powerful machine that uses safe and very effective electromagnetic waves to reduce fat deposits by 19-23% and simulate 30,000 contractions(abs, arms, thighs, back, etc) and squats(derriere). A trial will convince you. 4 treatment sessions are required in a span of 2 weeks.


Red Light Therapy

Another cutting-edge technology that uses low-level light therapy to reduce fat which leads to weight loss. It is used in the treatment and improvement of conditions such as chronic pain, psoriasis, acne, eczema & rosacea. It reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots,. It is also used to treat scars, wound healing, and androgenic alopecia. The benefits are numerous and it is non-invasive, not painful and neither  is there any downtime(no time off work)

Vibration Therapy

This has been proven to help improve and alleviate chronic pain, reduce joint pain,  and boost the body's metabolism. It helps with weight loss, stimulates the lymphatic system, decreases cortisol levels, lowers stress levels, increases bone density, etc. the whole body or focal points of the body is exposed to vibration therapy. 

Detox Body Wraps.jpg

Detox Body Wraps $199 1hr ( Hot Mud Wrap One Area)

Yeso Therapy

At GlamCare Body & Beauty Studio we offer a wide range of body wraps, slimming wraps, detox wraps, anti-cellulite wrap, Skin tightening wrap, Fade wraps (for hyperpigmentation skin) to name a few. The yeso wrap is one of them. It is very popular because it not only shrinks the part of the body it is applied to, leading to weight loss and contour;  it also improves skin integrity and treats cellulite and skin scars. The Clay has special ingredients like essential oils, some enzymes, protein, algae, mineral salts, and other extracts. it is especially popular with bridal parties (both male & female), anniversaries, valentine season, and when you want to look especially "cinched& snatched". It is a very great addition to your weight loss regimen. 


Infra-Red Saunas

Talk about a natural high. The saunas help your body release endorphins (happy and elated chemicals that give you happy energy and mood), release stress, lower cholesterol, relax your muscles, reduce high blood pressure, boost heart health, and clear your pores resulting in clear and improved skin turgor. And the most exciting? , well especially in your weight loss regimen, is that you sweat sweat sweat which leads to water loss, toxins, impurities, and fat loss. A good staple in your weight loss regimen

Teeth Whitening 30 mins-$199 (MEGA WATT SMILE)

Ionic Foot Detox.jpg

Ionic Foot Detox $199/ 45min session

Lash Extensions $199 CLASSIC LASHES (AU NATUREL)

Lash Extensions.jpg
Yoni Steam.jpg

Yoni Steam--$199 1hr (de-junk vibes)


Choose from a number of GlamCare packages below to help you save more money and also help target your specific needs. You can always reach us through our contact tab on the website or call us at 937.907.0177  to help you navigate the best care option for your specific needs. 

download (21).png

MAX ACTION/6 sessions/1.30hrs------1999

6 sessions of mesotherapy + fat treduction body wraps This is fast action to target fat deposits and blast them away for a sculpured look. Only one area.

LIPO-ME-360/10 Sessions /2hrs------$2999

10 body contouring sessions including mesotherapy(fat dissolvers) to effectively remove pockets of fatty areas in the body. Up to 3 areas can be treated but this is dependent on the size of the areas being treated. Treatments will include, laser lipo, cavitation, RF skin tightening, vacuum therapy, wood(optional dependent on body type) infrared sauna therapy, yeso-therapy, body wraps, vibration plate therapy, ice therapy, and red light therapy


HIFEM-DEFINITION/14 sessions/2hrs------$3999

This is the ultimate body sculpting session. It comprise 10 sessions of body contouring sessions and 4 sessions of the famous and powerful HIFEM machine which can simulate 30,000 contration in a 30 minute session! You get mesotherapy (fat dissolvers), cavitation, RF skin tightening, suction therapy, wood therapy(usually is optional, dependent on body type & fat deposits),yeso therapy, red light therapy, infra-red sauna therapy, ice therapy, body wraps & scrubs, and vibration plate therapy

CHIN BE GONE ( Fat reduction & skin tightening  sessions under the chin/1h /3 sessions--$599


BATWING BE GONE (fat reduction & skin tightening sessions on both upper arms/ 1 hr/ 3 sessions--$699




(4BBL Sessions to pump up both glutes)/4 sessions/ 1.5hrs---$699

Pre &Post-Operative Care

Pre &Post-Operative Care.jpg

PRE-OP PACKAGE 10 SESSION-SPECIAL 1.5hrs--------$999


Above are just some of the examples of services that we offer at our medspa in regards to body contouring. There are a plethora of other services we offer. 
We are a day and a medspa rolled into one. We also have numerous "ad-ons" services and a  great product line. Most of the products we serve our clients with are available for purchase, so be sure to check our product page.

Other Services Provided by GlamCare are: 



We offer vaginal rejuvenation with our powerful HIFU machine. It is non-invasive, non-painful, no lost time at work or lifestyle. It restores the lost integrity of the female genital canal, which leads to heightened sensuality and most importantly can effectively treat female incontinence. We provide confidential consultations and treatments. Mobile services can also be made available per request. 3 sessions are usually the suggested number of treatments for optimal effect.

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