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Liquid lipo UK Ltd is an FDA-approved FAT Dissolve Gel, that is sure to work real FAST to "BLAST" away your fat. It's one of the most popular products used here in the studio and can be bought inside a salon ONLY. GlamCare is an Advanced Practitioner and one of the only few retailers of this wonderful product in the USA.
The Liquid Lipo 250ml body is retailed to other salon professionals as well.


Apply product to the area of fat deposit or the problematic area of concern. Wrap with an osmotic wrap. Leave on for a minimum of 2 hours (can be longer as tolerated). Drink a minimum of 2L of water. Preferable a gallon is better. Juices and tea do not count as they cannot be substituted for water

There is a 5 day home kit available to customers as well.

Liquid Lipo

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